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Kailasagiri Park went live with Ikonnect Ticketing solution

About Kailasagiri The Kailasagiri Park is well known for its panoramic view, peaceful atmosphere and its scenic beauty, making it a beautiful tourist attraction in Vishakhapatnam. The Government of Andhra Pradesh awarded Kailasagiri as its "Best Tourist Spot" in 2003. On average, around three hundred thousand Indian and foreign tourists visit the park every year. The place offers plenty of leisure activities which is also one of the reasons for people visiting the place, including circular train and some adventure games Now with all site attractions, transactions at Kailashgiri park is completely digital with installation of IKonnect™ Solutions powered by 2x12 Software solutions Pvt Ltd from Apr 2018. 2x12 Installed a solution which comprises of Ikonnect™ Ticketing Solution and IKonnect™ RMS (POS Solution with Stock entry handling). ·           Ikonnect™ Ticketing Solution  takes care of issuance of tickets, tickets cancellation, trip based reporting and many m

Restaurant POS Software — IkonnectRMS A Smart Solution to Assure Your Success!

Quick Service ikonnect-  Restaurant POS Software  for Hospitality & Food Service Industry enables to improve the efficiency & profits by streamlining operations.  The software also helps enhance the efficiency of your restaurant staff provide speedy and accurate service to all your customers.  It is capable of automating the complete process of stocks, keeps track of the inventory, discount monitoring, reduction of checkouts and pricing errors. POS system offers a convenience to customers through which they can place their orders and make payments from their seats . Also allows you to keep record of all the transactions held from different centers.  The ikonnect- POS Software  for restaurants allows the owners to keep track of the stock  which helps in reducing employee and staff theft by getting rid of the possibility of stealing food or drink.  The ikonnect  restaurant software  also provides daily, weekly sales re

Benefits of Getting Restaurant Accounting Software

Ikonnect - Restaurant accounting software makes it easy for the restaurateur to check if he is gaining or losing in his business in the shortest possible time. Since the technology now is very advantageous to use in the business, it is appropriate to adapt to these changes for the growth of your food business. Hiring an accountant might cost you a lot and the outcome of the accounting process is slower and will cause you more money because of the delay. In today's fast paced world, you need to cope with these changes. You need to work fast in order to save time, energy and money. Investing in an Restaurant Software system will provide you with more time to spend to look after your restaurant business, check all branches in different locations, and even spend time to bond with your family and friends. Doing the accounting process manually will make you spend lots of hours in the office in reading, computing, and analysing all the financial condition of your restaurant whic

Use ikonnect-Restaurant Management Software to improve your productivity

For Any Restaurant & Hospitality   Industry   Restaurant Software Development is an absolute growth fetcher with exactly developed. Do you know that having software that manages business cover-ups almost every task with accuracy?  The Restaurant Management software helps you to manage the restaurant operations and reduce additional work time; ikonnectrms! contribute features in such a way as to improve the restaurant business software with smart solutions. 1. Complete Range of Restaurant Management System : The restaurant management software assist the restaurant owner to manage all the placed orders, assign delivery men, booking, Billing and reservations also.  The Software comprises the features like Stock management, Table management, Kitchen Order Tracking and Order management. 2. Detailed Reporting & Analytics: Restaurant Management Software An ikonnect- restaurant software allows the business owner in tracking the total raw material utilisation &