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Restaurant Management Software

Restaurant industry is a booming industry in india. Managing restaurants  in peak hour seems tedious if done manually. Restaurant management is not an easy task, and you got to do it right. Hence ikonnect ResturantManagement Software helps to manage small, large, and multi-store operation and also increase their profitability and efficiency. Restaurant Management Software tracks the real-time billing data of your restaurant. Monitoring the real-time billing statistics will make certain that you have a complete data of all the sales incurred, the items that are sold more, the rush hours of the day, the charges at which the stock decreases and will help you to make arrangements accordingly.  you could even find the items which aren’t doing precise and you may apply your disaster management techniques to reinforce those things . 

Using a RestaurantManagement Software integrated with Stock Management will assist restaurant owners to monitor the stock available and also helps to track the stock accessible at the start and the end of the day. This helps in monitoring the variance between the physical stock intake and the appropriate stock consumption based totally on the numbers of orders located and overall sales. It also provides the total reports which help you to understand if there is any misappropriation going behind you in your restaurant. The reports gives details about the number of tables occupied at any given point of the day, this will enable you to identify the peak hours of the restaurant and also can control the operations better.

ikonnect Restaurant Management System will make your resturant operations seamless and enhance your business. 


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